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When it comes to the best skin care products, finding the best ones which actually work. best skin care products with natural ingredients highly effective  Can be a nightmare to find this can be a real problem as we all have different skin types . For instance I have really sensitive skin which means im extremely limited to what I can use.


best skin care  for your skin

I find this a problem as I have tried products which has given me allergic reactions which have been horrendous for me.


natural skin care


Sensitive skin


So I have done a lot of research as to what works for sensitive skin.

I’m fully against animal testing which made it even harder to find a suitable solution to my skin problems.


As a lover of natural products and sea salts what skin care products would I recommend?

Well may I first ask what products are you looking for?

there are many

  1. Cleanser
  2. exfoliation
  3. lip care
  4. moisturizer
  5. tonner
  6. serum

and many more.

Well my great beauty secrets is:

H20 plus products

Founded in 1989 by a lady called Cindy Melk and her philosophy was using pure water as part of your skin care and beauty regime is the key element.

Hydration is very important and the number one factor when it come to beauty and health also. Water is the greatest source that we have on this planet and its free

The reason I love H20 Plus products is that the water has been through a filtration process which is as pure as the water can be, then is mixed with the best skin care technologies.

With all this been said H20 Plus definitely has the perfect skin care products for all skin types. You will not be disappointed with these products.

whether it’s for

  • Anti ageing
  • hair and body
  • hydration or cleansing



note: H20 plus products are all free from no parabens,phthalates or mineral oils.


best skin care products with natural ingredients highly effective  also check out himalayan salt benefits





best skin care products with natural ingredients highly effective

One thought on “best skin care products with natural ingredients highly effective

  • February 15, 2018 at 4:41 pm

    I have been looking for great, effective moisturizers for my dry skin. Thank you for sharing all of these products. Some of the skin care products that I have tried just made things a little worse and that makes me leary to try something new. This page has useful tips for skin care, so that makes me feel better about it!


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