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Fitbit reviews with physical fitness tracker Fitbit. The company has lately done a public offer with a buyout of 100 million. One thing are for sure, Fitbit is a growing company name and plans to be in the game for a long time. Fitbit has released quite a few different products since their first unit, the Fitbit Tracker. Plus they all have numerous different features.

That is why we have put together this buying guide, to assist you understand the different choices available on the market. Below we have included a brief overview of each function that all of the Fitbit trackers offer, and a sortable list buying guide.

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Options – No two Fitbits are alike, so if you’re looking to compare Fitbits you’ll have do research to find one with the functionality that you need. Below we’ve A brief list of all the types of attributes available for each and every Fitbit. Tracking your measures is the most elementary function that all physical fitness trackers may have.

The different types of Fitbits all have step,calorie,distance tracking. Nevertheless, some go about it in various ways. The most typical type of step monitoring technology is the accelerometer. Accelerometers are sensors that detect when movement is occurring.

fitbit reviews

Fitbit Reviews

A newer type of monitoring sensor

which has lately starting to see wider use are bioimpedence detectors. Bio impedence sensors are utilized to track heart rate. Heart rate monitoring allows for a much more accurate readout. The capability to track sleep is a relativity new invention, but it’s rapidly gaining popularity. Sleep monitoring is useful for all those who’re seeking to get more out of their physical fitness routine. Numerous kinds of detectors exist for sleep tracking, but the most typical type are acceleormetors. Accelerators track sleep patterns by detecting your motion – how often times you turned throughout the night or woke up and got out of bed.

Sadly these kind of sensors are not the most accurate, so if you’re looking to track your sleep more accurately it’s best to shoot for a device which has a heart rate tracker, that is a much more accurate form of sleep monitoring. To learn more about sleep tracking, check out our article here. Heart rate monitoring is a useful role for athletes, as it’ll allow a constant heart rate read out.

Heart rate monitoring is generally found on the more high end Fitbits. Auto sleep allows is a function that enables your device to auto detect when your are sleeping. Having a car sleep function is handy for all those that prefer a hands off approach. GPS will allow you to track a great amount of fitness based details such as: route, current distance to goal, average speed, and height elevation.

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Fitbit Reviews

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  • February 15, 2018 at 4:57 pm

    I have one of the original FitBit. Do I have to upgrade? I always liked it and it has never broke or recorded the wrong number of steps from what I can tell. I just do not see a reason to get a new one if it is not needed. Thank you for the help!


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