Top 10 Herbs For Losing Body Weight


This posts is about Top 10 Herbs For Losing Body Weight .Cures from plants and herbs are very effective and have been utilized by botanists and pharmacists throughout the centuries. using herbs for weight loss, Herbs are not only used for flavoring the dish but also used to cure many diseases  also proved to be very useful in losing weight. Here are Top 10 Herbs For Losing Body Weight.

In this fast-moving world, almost everybody is facing a hard time and due to which can easily acquire weight. Sometimes we are unable to provide the best nourishment to our own body.

If you think that you got weight and seeking for the natural therapy then, you reached the right place. In this article, I am going to enlist the top ten herbs which are proved to be helpful in reducing weight in short time.

List of the Herbs:



Top 10 Herbs For Losing Body Weight - herbs for weight loss

Garacinia Cambogia has been used for several years in different countries, for losing weight purposes.  known as an Asian fruit. It contains Hydroxycitric acid, the most important ingredient which is in charge of weight loss properties of Garcinia Cambogia. HCA, as it is normally known because it prevents the conversion of carbohydrate to fats (it reduces the fat synthesis). This is the reason that it is also being utilized as the weight loss supplement.


This fruit is full of nourishment; you can take it directly in your diet. Eat at least 2 times a day before eating meal

using herbs for weight loss


Guarana is a plant commonly found in the Amazon. Today, Guarana seeds are utilized as a stimulant for weight loss, to enhance the energy level, to upgrade athletic execution, and to decrease mental and physical weakness. It provides much energy to the body and used as the weight loss products.


You can have it as a fit tea, just boil some Guarana with water for 20 minutes and drink it, you can also add salt or honey for taste while making. It contains most of the caffeine which helps you to burn stored fats in short time.

As it is scientifically proved to be useful in losing weight, so, different supplements are also accessible.


Top 10 Herbs For Losing Body Weight - turnmeric

Turmeric is an essential herb in reducing weight; it contains phytochemicals that are “Cucurmin” which helps in converting white fats into brown fats that lessen the weight and cholesterol level from the body.


You can consume turmeric roots in the daily diet half inch long slice is sufficient with every meal. Use turmeric powder while cooking food  1 tablespoon is enough, you are also allowed to take 1 tablespoon of turmeric with 1/4 fresh ground black pepper thrice a day but, avoid to take directly on empty stomach.


Australian Fitness coaches usually suggest their team to include dandelions in the diet as it contains fewer calories; it improves digestions and it is full of nutrients which work against fats synthesis in the body. It promotes fats and cholesterol to break down gradually and it also helps you in cleaning the blood.


You can include dandelions in the diet as the herbal tea or as the salad. Proved to be adventitious in burning excessive fats from the body. Take tea twice a day and you will feel the results within 2 months. You must avoid this remedy if you are taking diabetic medicines.


Top 10 Herbs For Losing Body Weight - PSYLLIUM

One of the useful and popular natural remedies for losing weight is Psyllium, it contains soluble fibers that it soaks up water from diet and helps in making stools soften also promote good digestion. Many useful ingredients are present in the Psyllium that directly work on intestine and provide better nourishment to the body.


If you want Psyllium husk for the weight loss purpose then, must take it 30 minutes before taking the meal with a full glass of water once in a day. Please avoid another medication while taking it because it may reduce the absorption.

  1. SAGE:

Many Asian people tried sage for the weight loss treatment and it found to be useful. If you are looking to shed pounds in short time then, I must recommend you this natural herb. It helps in increasing your metabolic rate that reduces the unnecessary fats from the body.


Add 1 tablespoon of fresh sage leaves with 1 glass of water and boil it for 5 minutes, pour out in the cup or glass you can also add lemon juice for taste. Drink it twice a day. Soon you will get the results. Or you can also eat it in the salad; will provide you the best nourishment.

I have other blogs on this subject but Apple Cider Vinegar is also great for overall detox and weight loss

Ladies must avoid taking the herb if they are pregnant or feed your young ones.



See : Herbal Information Wikipedia


Top 10 Herbs For Losing Body Weight Naturally

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